Said Assaban is one of most active members in Convivencia. This multitalented artist comes from the Chefchaouen town in Morocco, where he is known of his textile artworks.
He is a locally famous and respected weaving teacher, decorator, event organizer in the area. It didn’t take long for him to be noticed by people from the Norwegian organization Total Rehab. With their exchange program they brought Said to Oslo so he could spread his talent and Moroccan culture to the Norwegian society. Said joined Oslo’s Cultural House Hausmania, where he got the locality to make his art and organize events. Said’s warm personality and hospitality was quickly noticed by the other members of Hausmania, and everyone was fascinated by Said’s woven textiles, clothes and other decorations.

Said is a professional weaver of traditional Moroccan textile, he uses the woven fabrics for different clothes and accessories, and he also makes remarkable carpets for wall decoration. Said surprised everyone by making a large amazing loom (weaving device) inside the Hausmania library from random garbage parts he found outside. He is giving courses for other people who are interested in learning weaving. Said decorates the Hausmania building inside out and he keeps on changing the interior decorations all the time. He is always busy, always friendly and helpful, anytime you visit him he will serve you tea or some traditional Moroccan food, and invite you to visit his family in his Moroccan home in Chefchaouen.

During his stays in Oslo, Said have made astonishing festivals together with Convivencia. He always has plans and amazing ideas for something new, something different and interesting. He is always shining with his big love for textiles, for his culture and for presenting it all to Norwegian society.