Welcome to our website. Convivencia is a spanish word that means "co-existence". Convivencia wishes to create understanding, solidarity and tolerance across cultural and ethnic lines. We also aim to promote ecology, fairtrade, and the development of international networks, promoting peaceful co-existence.

We are an intercultural non-profit organization bringing people with different ideas and backgrounds together, offering space and opportunity for their artistic and social activities to take place.

Convivencia was founded in February 2011. In the summer of 2011 we arranged a Moroccon Festival at Hausmania Cultural House, which included Childrens Workshops in Arts and Crafts, Concerts and traditional Moroccan food.

Anually we have arranged similar projects in different locations since. In 2013 Convivencia participated and arranged Art Garden - A social weekend event with music, exibitions and food. Several artist offered different workshops and seminars.

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