Henning Dahls Sirkusplass, Hausmania

The second Moroccan Cultural festival of Convivencia was a major contribution in the annual summer festival in Hausmania. Said Assaban and Rateb Halabi were the main organizers of the Moroccan event, but a large amount of other people helped organizing, making the festival possible. Musicians, dancers as well as handicraft artists were invited from Morocco and Spain. Different Norwegian artists also participated.
The festival was promoted by posters and on the internet as part of the Hausmania festival.

The place of activity was right outside Hausmania at Henning Dahls Sirkusplass. A huge traditional Moroccan tent was raised, containing a large exhibition of Moroccan textile, leather, ceramics and other wares.

The exhibition was interactive as well. You could learn Moroccan style weaving right outside the tent, different workshops attracted both grownups and children who wanted to learn playing different traditional Moroccan instruments, dance, sculpturing clay and other traditional handicraft.

For a symbolic price visitors were treated with Moroccan tea, sweets and the traditional dish Couscous. Every day the festival was concluded with outstanding jam sessions lead by the Moroccan musicians. The band from Morocco also held a concert in the Hausmania Café.

Since the festival place was in the open public area right in front of Hausmanns gate – a lot of passersby were intrigued by the astonishing view of the tent and hearing the Moroccan music. Almost all of them stopped by to see the exhibition, eat or join other activities at the Hausmania festival.